New Sarod !

I just returned from India as the proud owner of a new sarod….

Sounds great so far….

Here’s me practicing my eternally favourite raga Darbari Kanada on my new sarod…., playing both a slow alaap as well as a fast paced composition in 16 beats to check out the sound….

Some moments from a recent concert

WIth Preston Symphony Orchestra
WIth Preston Symphony Orchestra

On 30th March 2014  I performed with the Preston Symphony Orchestra – a concerto for sarod and tabla – by Nicolas Buff, with Girish Makwana. This was a first in Australia- to have a full symphony orchestra with the sarod/tabla.

A gentleman from Taiwan who writes a blog took some photos of the rehearsals

Rehearsals at Preston City Hall with Preston Symphony Orchestra
Rehearsals at Preston City Hall with Preston Symphony Orchestra

















I’m trying to get a finished copy of the concert video and will upload at some stage


Creating Dedicated Pages for Ragas

As I progress my lifelong objective of documenting compositions for the sarod, I’ve decided to keep material relevant to a raga on one page- instead of being scattered around the site.

Each page will be accessible via the Free Raga Guide Page

I’m going to start off with finishing off the grand Raga Marwa, with its  own dedicated page.