Raga Jhinjhoti- Continued

Here is the first video of Raga Jhinjhoti – a fast (drut) composition in 16 beat (teentaal) followed by a variant of the same composition set to the same taal. This composition is from the Shahjahanpur Sarod Gharana, and was developed by Abdullah Khan or Mohammad Amir Khan… Originally meant for the sarod, this has been adapted on other instruments. The composition has several rhythmic … Continue reading Raga Jhinjhoti- Continued

Beautiful Ragas from the Khamaj Garden- Raga Jhinjhoti

Recently I played at the Independence day function for a local association, and ended up playing Raga Desh. Which made me think of other ragas which are related to Desh. In this category lies the beautiful raga Jhinjhoti. For some reason, Bengalis often call this raga Jhijhit…. not quite sure why…. Here’s a brief introduction to Jhinjhoti as I’ve leant it… Raga Jhinjhoti Thaat (Parent): … Continue reading Beautiful Ragas from the Khamaj Garden- Raga Jhinjhoti