2 thoughts on “Added page for Raga Jaijaiwanti

  1. Hello sir. I have recently acquired a sarod and have a basic question about its storage and maintenance. While I am used to untune my guitar daily after playing it, should I also do it for my sarod? Since it is tun wood, neck bending should not be a problem. But what about the skin? The bridge produces a constant strain on the skin when the instrument is in tune. Also, a local sitar maker advised me that like a sitar, a sarod should also be tuned by a professional and should not be untuned on a regular basis as it will lose its sound over time.

  2. There is no need to untune the sarod for any reason unless it is travelling. Neither the bridge nor skin at at risk
    And you should be able to tune the sarod yourself. No need for professionals- after all it’s your instrument

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