Raga Pilu- Some old compositions

After an extended break, here is a video of various compositions in Raga Pilu (Piloo) that I recently had the opportunity to play: Pilu, like Bhairavi, is an evergreen raga, and brings together the joy and sadness of love in its mood… Pilu is used in a variety of “thumris” – semi classical compositions which sing about the waiting for one’s true love… with hope … Continue reading Raga Pilu- Some old compositions

Eternal Favourite: Raga Darbari

I’m back again on my all time favourite raga, the king of the Indian Raga pantheon : The King of Ragas, The raga of Kings : Raga Darbari Darbari lends itself naturally to the sarod, with its deep introspective tone. There are many good compositions in Darbari, and I thought I’d showcase one particular one which is not heard publicly much nowadays, I’ve recorded – … Continue reading Eternal Favourite: Raga Darbari

Raga Bihag: An uplifting melody

A most pleasing and enjoyable raga, Bihag is at once a very popular and common raga. On the sarod, practically everyone has played this at some time or the other. Associated ragas include: Maru Bihag, Nat Bihag, Hem Bihag and Pat Bihag (I heard the last one once, and have no idea of the repertoire…. will find out if I get the time)…. Bihag, also … Continue reading Raga Bihag: An uplifting melody

Raga Improvisation & Expansion

(Picture above: my hometown of Varanasi, India, famous for Indian classical music, especially tabla) Ever wondered what musicians play after the main composition and how it’s structured? Especially in the slow (vilambit) part of the composition, there are a number of devices and pathways available to the artist. As a short example, I start with a very standard composition in slow 16 beat cycle in … Continue reading Raga Improvisation & Expansion