Bageshri – Drut Ektaal – Notes from a practice session

In this post, I have published a video showing a recording of a practice session featuring a Drut Ektaal composition in Bageshri – which I believe has never been played before on the sarod (so I get to be first ???).Anyway, frivolities aside, I’m not quite sure why this masterpiece of vocal music  (called Apni Garaj Pakar Leeni Baiyan Mori) hasn’t been played more on … Continue reading Bageshri – Drut Ektaal – Notes from a practice session

Raga Bageshri – Part 1

Of late, I’ve been studying and playing Raga Bageshri (variously called Bagesri, Bageshree, or Bageshri Kanada).  Bageshri is a grand raga, attributed to Thaat Kafi and is a staple of evening concerts. The time prescribed for this raga is evening to late night. I learnt Bageshri when I was 7 years old from my first music teacher Smt Ruby Bose (wonder where she is these … Continue reading Raga Bageshri – Part 1

Raga Pilu

I was chatting to Sandipan, a fellow sarod player based in Sydney and we were discussing Shri Tejendra Narayan Majumdar (who has guided him) and his style. We got around to discussing some compositions and eventually onto Raga Pilu Pilu (Piloo) is a light raga with a vast canvas to paint. Mishra Pilu allows tremendous scope for the artist to bring in melodic lines from … Continue reading Raga Pilu

Various tributes to Ud Amir Khan

Ud Amir Khan was one of the greatest musicians of the last century. Although very well known to regulars of Indian classical music, he remains relatively unknown among the population generally. He inspired many stalwarts including Ud Vilayat Khan, Pt Nikhil Banerjee and others.    I personally consider his Darbari as the mother of all renditions of North Indian Classical Music of this raga – maybe … Continue reading Various tributes to Ud Amir Khan

Raag Khamaj : An ocean of sweetness

My New Year’s resolution is to keep content on this site updated regularly – aim is to cover off one raga a month at least. I start off with Khamaj. Khamaj is a huge repository of very melodious and sweet tunes – so sweet sometimes, it’s unbearable !. Key ragas of this camp include Khamaj itself, the beautiful raag Des (or Desh), Tilak Kamod and … Continue reading Raag Khamaj : An ocean of sweetness

Raga Darbari (continued)

Following on from the previous post, here are some of the Darbari gats that I learnt (often without “official” permission, as Darbari is meant to be learnt/taught at senior levels only. The first one is a Vilambit gat – which is a variation of one played by Ustad Amjad Ali Khan: [audio:] Again, this is a raw recording with my Zoom H2 with Mr. Electronic … Continue reading Raga Darbari (continued)

Raga Darbari: The King of Ragas, the Raga of Kings

Back to posting after a while… busy with working on a musical project – I thought I’d get on with my eternally  favourite raga : the emperor of Ragas: Raga Darbari. Words cannot adequately describe the majesty of this Raga. In many ways, Darbari encapsulates all there is to say about Hindustani Classical music: the repose, the space, the meditative nature, the plaintive aspect, the … Continue reading Raga Darbari: The King of Ragas, the Raga of Kings