Short samples in Bageshri

Here’s the video from a recent program where I went through around 6 compositions in Bageshree – the time was limited, so I instead of doing an in-depth performance of the raag, I meandered in and out of the various gats- got a few negative comments from listeners for this approach. As always, the videos are good learning exercises – one can see areas of … Continue reading Short samples in Bageshri

Raga Bageshri – Part 1

Of late, I’ve been studying and playing Raga Bageshri (variously called Bagesri, Bageshree, or Bageshri Kanada).  Bageshri is a grand raga, attributed to Thaat Kafi and is a staple of evening concerts. The time prescribed for this raga is evening to late night. I learnt Bageshri when I was 7 years old from my first music teacher Smt Ruby Bose (wonder where she is these … Continue reading Raga Bageshri – Part 1

Raga Durga

At long last I managed to start up a Youtube channel (it’s got only one video in it so far) but I thought I’d begin with the Raga which started my sarod journey – Raga Durga. Along with Yaman, it remains a favourite of Ud Amjad Ali Khan to start off new students with. I must acknowledge that it was Shri Abhik Sarkar (a senior … Continue reading Raga Durga

The Magnificence of Malkauns

I’ve been practicing Malkauns a bit lately – in preparation for an upcoming concert. Malkauns is a grand raga but very simple in its construction – S g M d n S (lowercase=komal swaras) Technically, it’s classified as a member of Bhairavi, however, it is an ancient raga, and the classification system is of recent origin in Hindustani music. In Carnatic music, there is a … Continue reading The Magnificence of Malkauns

Raga Dhani – An afternoon introspection

Raga Dhani is a rather uncommon afternoon raga and is not very common on the sarod, although it’s structure lends itself very well to the instrument. Some experts believe it can be played any time of the day and night. I tend to favour the afternoon time cycle. Dhani is an amalgam of Malkauns and Bhimpalasi – if not careful, the identity of the raga … Continue reading Raga Dhani – An afternoon introspection

Raga Pilu

I was chatting to Sandipan, a fellow sarod player based in Sydney and we were discussing Shri Tejendra Narayan Majumdar (who has guided him) and his style. We got around to discussing some compositions and eventually onto Raga Pilu Pilu (Piloo) is a light raga with a vast canvas to paint. Mishra Pilu allows tremendous scope for the artist to bring in melodic lines from … Continue reading Raga Pilu

Raga Maru Bihag (Maru Behag): A digression

A little while ago, I was listening to Pt Budhaditya Mukherjee’s recital of the popular raga: Maru Bihag. This raga is a complex one – and is credited to Ustad Alladiya Khan for its invention. Growing up in Varanasi, Maru Bihag was a popular raga used in light classical music- thumris in particular. Leaving aside academic discussion of its structure -here’s what I feel about … Continue reading Raga Maru Bihag (Maru Behag): A digression

Khamaj (cont’d): Raag Desh

Raag Desh is easily the most well recognised melody in the Khamaj camp. While omnipresent in every form of music, it received widespread recognition due to the well known TV clip on India: Baje Sargam Har Taraf Se, in which a who’s who of Indian classical musicians performed this Raag. Desh has countless compositions – I’ll start off with a sarod composition based on a … Continue reading Khamaj (cont’d): Raag Desh

Raag Khamaj : An ocean of sweetness

My New Year’s resolution is to keep content on this site updated regularly – aim is to cover off one raga a month at least. I start off with Khamaj. Khamaj is a huge repository of very melodious and sweet tunes – so sweet sometimes, it’s unbearable !. Key ragas of this camp include Khamaj itself, the beautiful raag Des (or Desh), Tilak Kamod and … Continue reading Raag Khamaj : An ocean of sweetness