First Post for 2023: Raag Pilu

Happy New Year !

My aim yet again is to publish more frequently. To that end, I recently uploaded a Youtube Video with compositions in Raag Pilu and provided some information about them. I had first written about Pilu in 2012 !

You can view the post here:

2 thoughts on “First Post for 2023: Raag Pilu

  1. Hi Rahul, great site. Glad to see such a magical instrument get some exposure to the world. I recently purchased a kanailal profesional Sarod and i was wondering how high I could tune the Taraf strings without them snapping. When tuned to C would it be possible to get to Ma Teevra? The string is 0.08 gauge I think. I have snapped a couple of strings and im a bit wary now. But when it comes to ragas like Rag Sarasawati if would great to reach that higer ma if posible. Warm regards from Ireland. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hello Dylan- I have tuned up to upper Dha in C scale, so Tivra Ma is certainly possible. Just do it very slowly. Warm Wishes from Melbourne Australia

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