Pandit Ravishankar Lecture Demonstration

I have added English subtitles to an audio recording of Pandit Ravishankar’s 1982 lecture demonstration at Rabindra Bharati University. He covers a wide range of topics. On the sarod is (probably) Ud Ashish Khan. The tabla player remains unidentified This is part of my effort to bring such material in Indian languages to those who speak English Continue reading Pandit Ravishankar Lecture Demonstration

Patdeep- an afternoon poem

I recently performed¬†the sweet melodiic raga Patdeep (Patdip) at a concert in Brisbane. A beautiful afternoon raga, it reminded me of many poems and musical compositions in this lesser heard raga Often considered a “smaller” or “limited” raga, Patdeep is never the less a beautiful haunting melody worthy of detailed exploration. So here is a page on this raga Patdeep- an afternoon poem Continue reading Patdeep- an afternoon poem