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Saby Bhattacharya in Concert at Darebin Music Feast with Preston Symphony Orchestra
Saby Bhattacharya in Concert at Northcote Town Hall with Preston Symphony Orchestra
Saby Bhattacharya At Crown Entertainment Complex November 2014 with Girish Mak














Sarod Concerto with Preston Symphony Orchestra: Northcote Town Hall 2014


At Opening Night of Indian Film Festival
At Opening Night of Indian Film Festival

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From Darwin Concert, May 2014







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Some photos taken by Stephen Skok – Pixelworker (reproduced with permission)







Sarod close up
Sarod performance at the Boite, 2010

At the Boite Concert – October 2010

Saby Bhattacharya
At the Boite Concert 2010
At the Boite Concert 2010
At the Boite concert 2010
Close up of my sarod
Sarod closeup (October 2010)
Tuning the tarab strings on the sarod
Tuning the tarab strings on my sarod
Sarod performance at the Boite - Oct 2010
Sarod performance at the Boite – Oct 2010

Some other photos:

My sarod
My sarod
At monsalvat -2008
At Monsalvat -2008
Sarod & Tabla
Sarod & TablaSarod Recital 2007

9 thoughts on “Photos/Videos

  1. Hello Sabyasachi,

    Not sure if you remember. We were at KV BHU (I was a year younger than you – class of 1990, Narlikar house , I think you were in Tagore). Was going down the memory lane recollecting KV days (we lost touch since you went to IIT D in 1989) and thought about you and looked for you on Google..and landed on this page..

    Am enthralled to see you as a Maestro in Sarod and your complete devotion to bringing enlightment to the world on Indian music. There is so much to learn and enjoy by connecting the strings to the passion and peace of our inner soul. I am sure you would loving every moment of this blissful journey.

    I am in San Francisco bay area and if you ever happen to visit this part of the world, do let me know. We would be happy to host you at our home. My email is:

    Rest is well. God bless you and your music.

    Atul Pandey

    1. Atul/Sabyasachi:

      I am also a product of KVs. As a matter of fact, my late father was my Principal.

      I am wondering if by any chance you know a Geography teacher Mr. R R Yadav (I don’t know how many KVs there are in Varanasi and what the chances are that you were at his school). His son Sanjay and I were buddies in 1-3 classes 🙂

      Yadav Sir got transferred to Varanasi right around the 1975 timeframe.

      Best wishes,
      S B

      PS: I will send a direct email later today.

  2. Hi Atul – good to hear from you and thanks for your note. The internet is invaluable in finding people -where would we be without it ! I was in San Francisco a month ago – had I known your whereabouts, I would have given you a call. If you happen to be in Melbourne, let me know. Best Regards, Sabyasachi

    1. Hi Sabyasachi,

      Great to hear from you . Let me know when you are planning for another trip this side. You should have my email as I entered the same replying this message.


  3. Hello and congratulations for this website !

    I am a Hemen Sarod owner and looking for a big Sursringar. You have any idea where i can find one ? Also the prices ?
    Hemen Sen showed me one that needed 6 months to be ready so i didn’t had the time.

    Periklis Tsoukalas

    1. Hello Periklis – Hemen is a very good source for Sursingars (although mainly famous for their sarods). They are right – instruments are made from scratch and do take months (if not years) to get- so if you want a good quality instrument, I suggest you wait to get it. These instruments last a lifetime and more – so a few months is not really that much time. You will be rewarded for your patience by the sound quality of a good instrument. Prices will vary – ranging from $1000 USD for a decent instrument upwards. Manor Kr Sardar is another source in Kolkata (Calcutta).

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