Short samples in Bageshri

Here’s the video from a recent program where I went through around 6 compositions in Bageshree – the time was limited, so I instead of doing an in-depth performance of the raag, I meandered in and out of the various gats- got a few negative comments from listeners for this approach.

As always, the videos are good learning exercises – one can see areas of improvement.

1. Vilambit Teentaal

2. Rupak Madhyalaya

3. Drut Ektaal – Based on the famous khayal “Apni Garaj” performed to perfection by Ud Shahid Parvez (and many others)

4. Drut Teentaal (3 gats – the first one is my composition)

I will record these gats in detail with taans, notations and (hopefully) better sound (than in the past) along with the brilliant tarana by Ud. Amir Khan – which translates nicely to the sarod.


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