Jaijaiwanti – A tale of playful romance

“Oh charmer of my heart, you deceive me”

So goes the lyrics of the popular Bollywood song ” Man Mohana Bade Jhoothe” sung by Lata Mangeshkar for music duo Shankar Jaikishan in the movie Seema (1955) in the Raag Jaijaiwanti

If you hear the song, the accusation seems half hearted at best, and reflects the emotions of Jaijaiwanti- a playful romantic mood.. full of the emotional caresses of the Khamaj Ragas (Des in particular) with a quick dash of playful tension…

Jaijaiwanti is from the Khamaj family of ragas. In Carnatic Music, it’s counterpart is the Raagam Dwijawanti. Jaijaiwanti usage spans several genres such as Sikh Gurbani (compositions of Guru Tech Bahadur), Bollywood (Shankar Jaikishan, Madan Mohan), Tagore and Nazrul music.

Jaijaiwanti on sarod is a relative rarity, owing to the complex structure of the raga and long meends (portamento) are needed, which can be tricky to play. This is an extempore elaboration of Jaijaiwanti in its Desh Ang (flavour) (the 2nd flavour Bageshri Ang). For more information on Raag Jaijaiwanti and additional compositions for the sarod collected over the decades from my gurus pls visit: www.sarod.com.au

Here is a short alaap in Jaijaiwanti recorded during a soiree in Melbourne…. the raag is explored using the Desh Variant.