The Search for Sa

It is said that all Hindustani classical music is a search for Sa, Shadaj, the base note.

No matter whether your chosen style is:


Deep introspective progression, slow, relaxed, unhurried, meditative, noting every micro tone as you traverse the raag

In this type of music, we spend a great deal of time building the foundation of Sa (called zameen /farsh bandi) – which means build the base/floor before traversing up the note tree.

In the newly created genres that I have named

Pop classical:

Rapid fire acrobatics showing how fast you can shred/sing designed to provoke applause

Rock classical:

Loud and furious with periodic explosions, hard hitting western arpeggios and warfare with percussion

while people may fleetingly go past Sa and not dwell there,

You always start from Sa and to Sa you shall return.

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